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I started coaching with Minal Mam when I was in a very broken state of mind, for various reasons. In her, I not only found a compassionate ear but also practical strategies to help me deal with my anxiety-driven behaviors and coping mechanisms. I have been given the tools to understand the things I need to work on in myself. These sessions have been an invaluable insight for me, and I cannot thank her enough. She is a very capable coach, for sure. I have become a much more aware person thanks to her.


I can review this place publicly without the shame of admitting that I go for counseling and coaching because of my inner awakening. Minal Mams is beautiful, and her passion is infectious. I have already recommended and will keep recommending this place to anyone who is suffering from mental, physical, or emotional health issues.
Thank you so much.


We have completed 9 sessions of marital harmony with Minal Mam and have already started observing amazing positive results. I like the way she conducts the session and makes us feel very comfortable sharing difficult personal information. Her solutions are so unique, funny, & easy to follow. The deep understanding of peace and companionship he created in us is so normal and real now that there is a bond of love and spark in our relationship; earlier, we were like two strangers trapped by duty in one house. Thank you, Minal Mam.
God bless you.


When I came to meet you, Minal Ji, I was frustrated & overwhelmed with my life due to deadlines, office politics, & work-home imbalances. But after sessions, I feel so lighter & relaxed, with more energy.
Everyone complimented me for my pleasant, smiling personality.
Your event—story—emotion theory is completely working for me.
You are amazing. Love you.


Thank you, Minal, for your coaching & healing sessions. I never realized I had so much stored in my mind. Talking to you about all my deepest fears and issues was so easy.
You have an innate ability to see deeper & read beyond my words. You discovered actual, deeper reasons behind issues.
God bless you!
I feel like this is my new life. I felt so light & peaceful after the healing sessions. I am sleeping peacefully now and feel well-rested & more energetic now. I have started following my passion and my Art journey again, thanks to you.


Minal Mam is an intuitive spiritual miracle.
Through your healing sessions, you not only gave me freedom from my disease & negativity, but you also gave me new hope, a new mindset, and a new life. Your health plan was the best thing that happened at the right time in my life when I was almost broken & bitter.
Your meditations are the best experience that everyone should have.
As you always say, I am celebrating life now. My family is happy & connected with love & trust because of you.
I will always be on this inner awakening transformation journey.


Hi, Thank you, Minal, for your time.
It was a great experience. Many questions were bothering me, and I was not sure how to deal with them. The coaching gave me very good clarity, and your knowledge about emotions and the female mind is mind-blowing. I thought you could read my mind and heal my inner child’s trauma. The suggestions & solutions that you proposed were thoughtful and clear. It also helps me understand things in my life that I can change and things that I can’t. This makes life so much easier, and it’s like taking a huge burden off my shoulders.
Thanks once again.


Minals coaching style and approach to addressing the challenge are very unique. You helped me identify the difference between my unrealistic expectations and my dreams. The workshops and sessions that I attended have helped me to see things in a different light. The impact is so powerful that whole beliefs & behaviors are transformed.
I could learn a lot about mindset; those insights can’t come from reading a book or a video.
This workshop was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me & my business.


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